Info from the Board:

As we look forward to the new summer season, please be advised that the following are not permitted:

hanging baskets/planters
bird feeders
landscape lighting
outside lights
hoses left hanging on outside faucet
clearing of brush

2/22/08 - The Willow Ponds HOA Code of Ethics has been posted on the Links page.

Please find the new Emergency Contact Form on the Links page.

Any Willow Ponds residents who would like to submit upcoming milestones to our community newsletter, The Ponderings, please send an email to:      

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Please be courteous and considerate when parking your car.
The parking areas between buildings allow guests and homeowners without driveways to park near their building and should not be used by as an alternative to driveway or garage parking. See
parking notice & guidelines
(originally intended for Condo III)

Please adhere to the 15 mph speed limit.
More residents = more vehicles = a greater need for safe driving. During the summer  there are many more of us walking the roads.

If you are a homeowner and a pet owner, please be certain to dispose of your pet's waste properly.