Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have subscribed to the HOA Email List, but have not yet received any email. How often is email sent to the list?
A: Generally, email is sent to HOA Information List every Friday. If you have recently subscribed to the list, you will start receiving emails within a week. If you have a SPAM filter, please be sure it is set to accept email from Please feel free to send any questions to

Q: I have a leak in my master bedroom, will the HOA send someone to fix it?
A: Maintenance issues involving the interior of your unit or involving a window or door, water, sewer or gas pipe used exclusively by your unit, are the responsibility of the individual homeowner.  If the problem has to do with the vinyl siding, roofing, fascia or other exterior parts of the building, or involves a problem with the irrigation system, you should file a Maintenance Request form.

Q: I have received a letter from the management company stating that I am in arrears, what should I do?
A: If you receive such a letter, you should immediately contact Precision Management at 516-795-4955. They will discuss your account and, if necessary, work out a payment schedule with you. Remember that it is each homeowner's responsibility to make sure that the management company has the correct address for you and that all payments are submitted on-time.

Q: I am a homeowner and I am having some problems with one of my neighbors who is a renter and I don't know who to turn to for help. Can the Board help me?
A: If you are having an ongoing disagreement or problem with another resident and believe that a rule has been violated, you can notify the HOA by filing a Complaint Form. The Board can fine an individual who is clearly violating a rule.

Q: How do I obtain a resident pool wristband?
A: Wristbands are available at no-charge through the management company. Please contact them by phone at 516-795-4955.

Q: I have a maintenance request or complaint. What should I do?
A: Maintenance and complaint forms can be submitted electronically on the Links page. A copy of your form will automatically be sent to the management company. In addition, most forms can be found in the clubhouse hallway on the wall next to the bulletin board. The completed forms can be deposited through the slot in the HOA office.

Q: How often are requests reviewed?
A: All forms submitted electronically via the links page on the Willow Ponds website are reviewed Monday through Friday by the management company. Forms deposited in the clubhouse door are reviewed on Wednesdays by the Management company. The Management company then assigns them to the appropriate personnel ( an outside contractor, the Board, etc.) .The HOA reviews all submissions submitted to the Management company on a continual basis.

Q: I'm having trouble viewing the Rules and Regulation and newsletters on the website. What do I need to view them?
A: The newsletter and Rules and Regulations are provided in Adobe® PDF format. You can download the free Adobe Reader software here.

Q: How can I get website assistance?
A: If you'd like to post an announcement, or need website assistance, contact